iPipeline launches cloud-based hosted authoring services for insurers to enhance their platform technology

  • iPipeline

26 May 2022, Cheltenham, UK

iPipeline® — a leading provider of low code / no code content-enabled digital solutions and services to the life insurance and financial services industry – today announced a range of new hosted authoring services for insurers, from its best-in-class SSG Digital platform.

This hosted authoring service allows insurers on the SSG Digital platform to enhance their technology ecosystems much quicker and more efficiently, providing a competitive advantage while offering an enhanced adviser experience.

The SSG Digital cloud hosted authoring services provides more control and speed, in addition to the simplicity of self-managed release cycles, which enable insurers to make proposition changes in real-time.

SSG Digital integrates seamlessly with an insurer’s existing technology ecosystem, driving targeted strategic improvements whilst empowering better productivity and innovation. The new hosted authoring services has already been deployed by and is in use with a market- leading protection insurer in the UK.

“In a dynamic market such as protection, every second counts,” said Chris Samuel, Business Operations Director at iPipeline. “The ability for insurers to be able to speed up their reactions to market movements, whether through competitive pressure, opportunity, or a changing risk landscape, is vital.”

Samuel added that “our insurer partners have already shown huge enthusiasm for this new range of hosted services, with a recent deployment evidence of the revolutionary impact we think they will make. Ultimately, enhancements such as these are part of our mission to build a more efficient, innovative market.”