Save time. Streamline processes. Increase protection productivity.

SolutionBuilder is an intelligent, flexible protection sourcing research, quote and apply solution. A single research destination, SolutionBuilder empowers you to deliver the protection recommendation process for all of your clients, from those with simple, to those with more complex protection needs.

Annually, SolutionBuilder delivers over 100 million quotes, across millions of comparisons. All driven by thousands of expert advisers. SolutionBuilder is the trusted quote engine of the protection market.

Accessible anywhere, at any time, it provides advisers with a faster and more efficient way of reviewing a client’s protection needs and how they can be packaged together. This includes both multi-benefit and single-benefit product comparisons side by side, encouraging up-sell and cross-sell, to accelerate the selling of protection.

Key features

Save Time
Designed to deliver maximum efficiency and a seamless sourcing process, SolutionBuilder saves 54% of time, when compared to traditional portals.
Improves Conversion by 30%
For advisers striving to increase conversion of their protection recommendations, SolutionBuilder delivers.
Increase Average Premiums
Advisers using SolutionBuilder are proven to recommend products with higher average premiums. SolutionBuilder drives advisers to find the right product, not just the right premium.
Increase Number of Product benefits.
Using SolutionBuilder is proven to increase the number of benefits applied for by up to 30%. Improved outcomes for advisers and their clients.
Compare Quality
Integrations with market research specialists CIExpert and ProtectionGuru, allow advisers to compare product features in real-time.
Launch Engaging Reports
Included, as standard, the Mortgage and Protection Risk Report highlights the importance of protection to protect the biggest financial commitment most clients make.

The iPipeline difference

  • We’re dedicated to streamlining the protection advice process.
  • We’ve pioneered functionality allowing advisers to compare product features in real-time. Saving time. Improving outcomes.
  • We’ve proven the positive impact SolutionBuilder can have on the protection advice process. Let it do the same for you.
Benefits for Providers
  • Showcase your products on a best-in-class portal including users from many market leading networks.
  • Highlight your innovation. SolutionBuilder allows advisers to instantly compare product features, so your hard work won’t go unnoticed.
  • Be part of a portal, saving time, improving efficiency and growing the protection market.
Benefits for Distributors & Networks
  • Provide your advisers with access to a best-in-class quote and research portal to power their protection advice process.
  • Improve adviser efficiency and productivity.
  • Give advisers access to marketing leading research in real-time. Help improve client outcomes.
Benefits for Advisers
  • Save precious time through the product sourcing and comparison process.
  • Seamless, real-time access to the market’s best research, through integrations with CIExpert and ProtectionGuru.
  • Embed technology proven to improve protection conversion. Convert more customers. Protect more families.