Personalised protection promotion through AI

PreQuo is a powerful collection of indicative and predictive Web Services to illustrate risk and the cost of protection. ​The PreQuo suite of products, including Risk Reports, Lead Generation and Nurture, all work together to ‘nudge’ consumers into and through the protection conversation. ​

By using existing data, PreQuo can build and prequalify leads to successfully target potential customers, set customer expectations early to help increase successful conversion, and generate personalised risk reports – making protection more personal and more relevant. PreQuo is proven to help grow protection sales conversion by over 35%. ​

PreQuo helps you connect customers with reality so that they understand their specific financial risks and the role protection can play in minimising them. It is a powerful way of you educating your clients so they can prioritise the vital need to secure their financial futures.

PreQuo helps protection businesses become more effective. PreQuo helps more consumers protect their financial futures.

Key features

PreQuo Risk Reports​
Help kickstart the protection conversation and engage your customers with a quick and easy way for clients to view what their protection risks are if they do not have cover in place, with custom branded risk reports. ​

- Easily engage your customers in the protection journey​
- Kickstart protection conversations quickly and easily​
- Reports are available for mortgage, re-mortgage, self-employed, rental, income shortfall and risk realities.
PreQuo Lead Gen
Drive protection conversations via your website and easily educate clients on the protection they need. The easy-to-use calculator generates instant prices before they speak to an expert, providing highly receptive leads.​

- Drive protection conversations via your website​
- Easily educate your clients on the protection they need.
PreQuo Nurture
Target your client base with highly accurate personalised communications highlighting the risk of not being protected and what their premiums would be for Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection.

- Nurture your clients with personalised protection information​
- Ensure your clients are adequately covered ​
- Easily highlight your consumer’s need for protection.

Improve Lead Conversion with Pre-qualified Customers
The protection conversation can be a harder ‘sell’ than you would like. Educate your clients on the need for protection in advance. Tackle the myths, before they occur.
Indicative and Predictive Quotes Using Data from Millions of Quotes
Set expectations of predicted pricing early to shatter myths and enable positive planning.
Increase Protection Sales Conversion Rate by Over a Third
PreQuo is proven to increase sales conversion by over 35%. Become a more effective protection business. Improve customer outcomes.

The iPipeline difference

  • We exist to provide technology to help you protect financial futures. We share and are passionate about the same goal, building financial resilience.
  • Some view protection as a ‘grudge’ purchase. We use technology to make it an aspiration. PreQuo makes this aspiration a reality.
  • We know data and AI can make protection more relevant. More personal. PreQuo can take your protection engagement to the next level.
Benefits for Providers
  • Help educate customers on protection requirements and risk, helping with your consumer duty requirements.
Benefits for Distributors & Networks
  • Empower protection advisers to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Revisit missed opportunities. PreQuo gives your advisers the reason and the relevance to reconnect and re-energise the protection conversation.
  • Relying on individual adviser brilliance? Build a brilliant, repeatable process that always puts protection in the best spotlight.
Benefits for Advisers
  • Improve conversation conversion. Ensure your clients and prospects enter the advice process ready, and keen, to talk about protection.
  • Set the agenda. Tackle myths before they occur. Overcome barriers before they are built. Make protection personal.
  • Improve your process. Integrate technology which enables you to do what you do best. Advise.