Leveraging insights, powering decisions

Welcome to InsureSight, iPipeline's game-changing data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to revolutionize how you perceive and scale your life insurance and annuity operations.

Key features

Competitive Performance Benchmarking
Gain a competitive edge by benchmarking your performance against the competition -- other carriers, distributors, and industry standards – and identify areas of improvement to stay ahead
Insightful Trend Analysis
Uncover valuable insights by analyzing historical data and predicting future trends in your business, tapping into data-driven intelligence to make informed decisions
Customer-Centric Intelligence
Better understand your customers through data-driven information to build client rapport while identifying areas of focus for business growth
Real-Time Data Decisions
Make data-driven decisions through real-time field operations reporting
Untapped Market Opportunities
Uncover untapped selling opportunities within your market, including emerging trends, customer needs, and product gaps to expand your product portfolio and capture new market segments
Targeted Training Identification
Identify additional training areas through evaluating staff performance, so you can equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional service
Optimized Lead Management
Optimize lead management by identifying the right lead for the best agent and efficiently distribute leads to match agents with the most promising opportunities for maximum conversion rates
Intuitive Data Visualization
Visualize complex data to make data-driven insights intuitive and easy to understand to facilitate better decision-making

The iPipeline difference

InsureSight from iPipeline provides you with:

  • We provide one of the largest and most representative samples for accurate insights, based on more than 20 years of data
  • We enable analysis and reporting across multiple aspects of your business by providing a comprehensive view of your entire straight-through process
  • Gauge your performance against your peers and industry standards with our industry benchmarking capabilities
  • Achieve the most comprehensive analysis from a wide array of distributors and associated data
  • Our experience and expertise of being one of the first in the industry, all backed by the security and stability of being a business unit of Roper Technologies, Inc.

Harness the power of data analytics and AI with InsureSight -- to revolutionize your business and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Benefits for Distributors and BGAs
  • Understand agent performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Optimize efficiency by identifying bottlenecks in your business processes
  • Streamline lead management by filtering the right leads to the most suitable agents
  • Monitor staff performance to provide targeted training and support
  • Stay informed about trends in your business to adapt your strategies accordingly
Benefits for Carriers
  • Benchmark performance against other carriers, distributors, and industry standards
  • Identify underperforming products as well as areas for improvement
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and make proactive adjustments to stay competitive
  • Streamline operations by identifying bottlenecks in your business processes
  • Gain valuable insights into the usage and effectiveness of e-App, Illustrations, and e-Delivery products
Benefits for Financial Institutions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the quality of your annuity business
  • Benchmark your performance against other distributors in the industry
  • Identify new selling opportunities within your existing book of business
  • Streamline processes by identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement
  • Track and manage advisor productivity to identify trends and training needs

Works well with

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