AlphaTrust® e-Sign

Simple, efficient, digital process for financial services

AlphaTrust is a unique, e-signature and digital process software solution, designed to help your business digitise its documentation and processes to gain efficiency, remove the friction of paper-based processes and ultimately, create a better customer experience.​​


It slots seamlessly into your existing processes; you choose whether to integrate via API or simply access via a personalised digital dashboard. Together, we will explore both options and agree the best approach for your business and technical infrastructure.​

Key benefits

Keep Control of Your Brand

AlphaTrust is fully brandable, maintaining trust and the integrity of the key digital processes within your customer journey.

Integrate via API

Option to incorporate into current technology ecosystem – allowing seamless integration.

Access via Dashboard

Or the option to access via web-based dashboard, fast and simple onboarding with zero development.

Advanced Webform Creation

Allows digitisation of any paper-based process, not just documents that need e-signature, at the click of a button.

Advanced Webform Builder

Validation logic, reflective questioning, completely customisable to avoid invalid/incomplete forms being returned.

Secure. Compliant.

Complies with e-idas regulations for compliance and legality. Allows users to utilise 2 Factor Authentication for security.

The iPipeline difference

  • We’re financial services specialists. We understand your business and the processes that cause you the most pain.
  • We’re flexible. You can fully integrate AlphaTrust into your ecosystem or access simply via the web. AlphaTrust works in the way you choose.
  • We ensure you maintain complete control of your brand, we know how hard you work to build up trust, you never lose that trust through a faceless, third party process.

Benefits for Providers
  • Keep your customers engaged. Increase communication with adding costly resources
  • Stay up to date with important changes in your customers circumstances, a key tenet of Consumer Duty
  • Automate, simplify and accelerate key processes, such as claims notification and information gathering
Benefits for Distributors & Networks
  • Resource is precious. Empower your advisers to keep advice engagement high, without adding to headcount
  • Allow your advisers to keep in touch with their client’s changes without picking up the phone. Keep their cover relevant
  • Ensure your advisers have records and a clear audit trail of their ongoing engagement. Build the data required to comply with Consumer Duty
Benefits for Advisers
  • If increased client engagement is part of your Consumer Duty strategy (it should be), engage efficiently, digitally and with the data to prove it
  • Simple, off the shelf workflows, ready to drop into your advice and client management process for immediate gain
  • Work smarter, not harder. Don’t waste hours of your precious time capturing changes in your client’s lives. Digital processes do the hard work, so you can focus on the resulting advice