Flexible e-Signature and Document Process Automation

Not all e-signature and document process solutions are created equal. What sets us apart from the rest?

AlphaTrust is a fully-brandable, compliant e-signature and document-process automation solution that securely digitises the creation of legally enforceable business records. From simple send-a-document for signature to your most complex workflows, there any many options to digitise processes.

Here are the top 10 benefits of choosing to use e-Signatures, over traditional wet signing practices.

Key Benefits

Reduce costs with complete workflow, security, control and auditability

Reduced risks – national and international legal and regulatory compliance

Increased business – fully customised and branded user experience

Key Features

Keep Your Brand
in the Spotlight

White label e-Signature solution. Full customisation of your document delivery and e-Signature experience. Promote your brand throughout the sales process


Fully compliant with European laws and regulations, making it the vendor of choice for businesses

Optimised Straight-Through Processing

Embeds into your existing applications offering a seamless user experience. No need to jump out to another application to obtain signatures in the middle of the sales process

Discover how much you can save

Have you considered how much time your business spends managing paper processes? Or how costly each document is to create, print, stamp and send? Not to mention other costs such as equipment purchase, supplies, storage, paper, ink, human resources and so on. Our online calculator shows you how much you could save by switching to digital processes with an instant quote.

Just enter an estimate of how many documents you process monthly and we’ll show you just how much you can save by automating. Digitising your processes can considerably cut costs and time so your business can operate more efficiently. Whether it’s the initial introduction of an electronic signature to an automated fillable form involving multiple parties. 

How many documents
do you prepare and send per month?

Do you send less than 800 documents per month? Get in touch with our Sales team here to explore how we can help you.

*Unlike other e-signature vendors, AlphaTrust only charge once per transaction. Therefore, you can send multiple documents, with multiple signers, in one package, yet you only pay for a single transaction charge. Other vendors will charge for each signature on every document – enabling AlphaTrust to save you more.

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Streamline Your Claims Process

Discover how we can help you digitise your claims processes and increase efficiency with AlphaTrust. We can help you move from dated manual processes such as mailing by post and automate your most complex workflows – talk to a team member today.

Digitise Any Manual Process

AlphaTrust is more than a simple e-signature solution and can be used across multiple industries for various manual processes. Gain efficiency within your business and remove friction by automating your processes. Discover the different ways in which AlphaTrust can help you:

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