Modern Slavery Act Statement

This statement is made by iPipeline Limited and iPipeline (TCP) Limited (collectively, “iPipeline”) pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year ending 31 December 2022 (“Financial Year”). It sets out iPipeline’s commitment to carrying out our business in a fair and honest manner and our support that modern slavery has no place in or around our business. We confirm that no instance of modern slavery was reported to us for the Financial Year and we did not identify any specific instance of these in our operations.

About iPipeline

We operate from our offices in Bromley and Cheltenham. Our protection and insurance software technologies are used to deliver financial security and protection for individuals and families across the United Kingdom.

Together with our immediate US-based parent, iPipeline, Inc., we are part of the Roper group of companies and our ultimate group parent is Roper Technologies, Inc., (“Roper”). As such, we are proud to work in accordance with the Roper Business Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (the “Code”).

Anti-Slavery Statement

Our business is carried out in an ethical manner and we revise and improve our systems regularly in line with our aims and commitments to adhere to ethical best practices and to support a diverse and equitable workforce and environment. Degrading practices such as forced labour, trafficking for exploitation, child labour, discrimination, unsafe working conditions or any other human rights violations, have no place in or around our business, industry, or society at large.

iPipeline takes a zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of modern slavery and we are committed to preventing acts of modern slavery from taking place within our business and our supply chain. We look to work with those third party companies who also maintain the same values as us on this front.

This statement sets out the further steps that iPipeline has taken towards that goal.

Supply Chain and Supplier Due Diligence

Our standards are reflected in our internal policies where we look to work with third parties who can adhere to or are working towards full adherence to our codes of ethics and conduct, and we will continue to improve these internal procedures and policies throughout the next financial year.

Whilst we will keep the status under annual review, we consider that iPipeline’s business is relatively low risk in relation to modern slavery given the nature of our business and the markets, customers, and consumers we serve.

iPipeline’s business continues to rely predominantly on its in-house development of proprietary software solutions. In addition, we work with various technical partners and license-in certain technologies which contribute (whether directly or indirectly) to our product solutions.

Where we do license-in technology, the nature of those solutions, and the context of the wider industry, means
that the licensors are typically advanced technology businesses, having highly skilled workforces and working to their own codes of conduct and/or ethical business practice relevant to the country of their incorporation. Similar to iPipeline, they rely predominantly on their own in-house development activities.

For our business operations, we rely on general business suppliers of items such as web hosting, travel, cleaning and security services, stationery and  catering/refreshments for our office spaces. We also purchase IT equipment for our workforce. Among operational business services, we continue to identify cleaning and security services as being higher risk based on the nature of the service and associated indirect supply of personnel. For these services, we only use reputable suppliers (either engaged direct or otherwise provided by our office landlord) and we have reviewed their respective commitments to modern slavery prevention as evidence of their commitment towards the same policy goals as set out in this statement.

Training and Increased Awareness

Within iPipeline, day to day responsibility for administering our zero-tolerance approach rests with our IT, Finance, HR and Legal functions where key team members from those departments are primarily responsible for selecting and approving arrangements with general business suppliers.

Roper’s Code informs iPipeline’s handbook provided to our employees at time of hire and is always available. All iPipeline personnel undergo annual business ethics training as part of the Roper’s annual compliance initiatives. As part of that process, they each certify their adherence to the Code and its practices.

Roper operates a group-wide whistleblowing policy for any suspicion of inappropriate, unethical or illegal conduct or behaviour in violation of or inconsistent with the Code. Details are publicly available on Roper’s website and recommunicated to all personnel through the annual training program.

This statement has been approved by the executive team of iPipeline, Inc.. It shall be reviewed annually and made available on our website at



John K. Stipancich
Director, iPipeline Limited & iPipeline (TCP) Limited
Date: August 14, 2023