Assureweb® | Annuities

Driving a better retirement

The annuities market is buoyant due to rapidly increasing interest rates and clients looking for greater certainty within their retirement plans.

To make the most of the opportunity, advisers need a process they can trust. Advisers can trust that the Assureweb Annuities quote service, delivers.

The Assureweb Annuity Quote service offers a full electronic representation of the Common Quotation Request Form with real time underwritten rates, agreed, and approved by the major providers of enhanced annuities.

Previously available in paper form only, Assureweb Annuities simplifies and accelerates retrieving rates from enhanced annuity providers for clients with health problems.

The form is intuitive with rich data capture and validation to ensure information is correctly formatted. Our easy-to-use user interface allows you to process Annuity business more efficiently, saving time and reducing the administration burden.

Key features

Comprehensive Medical Inputs
The following medical conditions can be added to the health questionnaire for annuitant and dependent: Heart, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Respiratory, Neurological and Other.
Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire
When major conditions are entered an additional Activities of Daily Living questionnaire is offered where impairments to key activities can be entered and associated with the conditions.
Guaranteed Rates
Enhanced Providers offer fully guaranteed rates through the service that can be applied for without further underwriting.

The iPipeline difference

  • We exist to help more people plan and protect their financial future.
  • Our technology makes advisers more efficient, so they can focus on what’s most important – providing best advice.
  • We tackle the processes which slow the market down. We’ve pioneered a new quote journey to deliver more certainty, sooner.
Benefits for Providers
  • Share your crucial annuities products on a portal delivering up to 25% of quotes generated in the market.
  • Be part of the solution. Accelerate the annuities process for advisers, help deliver better outcomes for clients, more quickly.
  • Be best placed to grow with a growing market.
Benefits for Advisers
  • Re-integrate annuities into your retirement advice process.
  • Provide your clients with accurate rates earlier.
  • Simplify advice. Deliver better outcomes.