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Can you predict how much premium you'll bring in this year?
Here's how Advisors Excel increased their premium by $1.2M in 12 months... They know when their case managers haven't touched the case in 4 days They know when trending business begins to decline – so they can quickly investigate and take real-time action They know what their real cycle time is with carriers They know which
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iPipeline® Provides Advisors Excel with Unified Path Toward Accessing Core Data Analytics in Financial Services
In Partnership with Snowflake, Turnkey Solutions Provider Enables Advisors Excel to CombineDisparate Data Systems, Automate Workflows, and Create Practice Efficiencies toPosition Advisors for Unlimited Growth EXTON, PA and TOPEKA, KS—June 22, 2022— iPipeline® announces that Advisors Excel, a Topeka-based financial marketing organization, will leverage iPipeline's services to obtain real-time metrics for analyzing product and operational