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Securing Financial Futures…

There has to be a better way. This thought consumed the minds of the iPipeline team. The life insurance and annuity industries were rife with tedious, time consuming processes. And the financial resilience gap was vast – and getting worse, something that made us feel uneasy. How many people were missing the point of protecting themselves and their loved ones should the worst happen? We put our heads together and…

Our vision was simple: to help grow the protection market through collaboration and innovative technology.

Back in 2014, we took it upon ourselves to look at what we could do to address these concerns. Our legacy portal, Assureweb, was serving a purpose but we saw potential to drastically improve the way protection was advised on and sold. This is where SolutionBuilder was born, our innovative protection sourcing solution. Over the past five years, SolutionBuilder has helped drive many protection conversations and enabled advisers to offer the best advice and then sell protection cover, ensuring clients and their families are better protected. In 2018 alone, 530,000 lives have been covered as a result.

Passionate about digitisation
and the consumer benefits

Our mission, to help grow the protection market through innovative technology, is at the forefront of our minds. Assureweb and SolutionBuilder were the foundations, but through the years and piece by piece, we’ve been innovating, building towards end-to-end digitisation.  

Building upon the success of SolutionBuilder, we created PreQuo to further breakdown barriers encountered during the protection sales process.

Then SSG Digital joined the iPipeline family in 2017, enabling the most forward-thinking life companies to deliver the next generation of products and services rapidly and efficiently. The dramatic change in quality of products and the improvements in productivity has fuelled the market’s growth – and with potential for much more!

And most recently, AlphaTrust joined in 2018, enabling the transformation of document processing and electronic signatures.

Although technology and software are what we do, it is genuine care we have for the people that it impacts and those we feel are underserved within our industry. We start with the customer and work backwards. We want to change the mindset that insurance is always sold, it’s not bought. Take the complex make it simple. Take the simple, make it faster. Take the faster, broaden its availability. That’s innovation unleashed.

Did you know that the protection gap is estimated at £2.4 trillion? There’s a tremendous amount of people who are under informed, under served and under-protected. We want to and are already making a difference in their financial security.

  • 1M + Lives Protected
  • 180K Cover Amt.
    (£ average)
  • 24 Years in
  • 1.5M Transactions
    to date
  • 149MQuotes
    to date