Better decision making through data

Data is the lifeblood of the market. It is at the heart of everything.


Good data and sound analysis enable good decision making. Decision making that helps providers execute the best pricing strategy. Decision making that helps distributors ensure their advisers maximise their productivity.


But good data can be hard to find.


Thankfully, we have good data in abundance. We collect hundreds of millions of data points across the life and protection and annuity markets. Data points which are then used throughout the value chain to monitor performance and activity and drive better decisions.


This data can be delivered and analysed in a number of ways. Raw data gives providers with expert in-house data teams the raw materials they need to build the most robust data models. Easy-to-use dashboards deliver key trends and insights to users of all types. We empower businesses of all shapes and sizes become truly data driven.

Key features

Price Optimisation

Our data is used by providers right across the protection and annuities market to price their products competitively in real-time.
Protection is a price sensitive purchase (and recommendation). We know, and our data proves, just how vital it is for providers to price cover competitively in a market of fierce competition.

Market Insight & Analysis

Our portals, SolutionBuilder and Assureweb account for 50% of the quotes generated in the advised protection market, which gives our data a unique and powerful lens. To access this data and the analysis if offers enables providers and distributors to better understand their place in the market and their performance relative to their competitors.


We partner with firms throughout the value chain at all stages of their data journey, from those just starting out to those with a mature data capability. These businesses set our team bespoke challenges, whether to build a new model, enhance capability or deliver new market insight. We use the benefit of both our data, and unique industry knowledge to produce solutions and recommendations that transform their data outcomes.

The iPipeline difference

  • Hundreds of millions of data points across the protection and annuities markets give you huge power at your fingertips.
  • Leading providers and distributors trust our data as the engine of their insight. Data which is proven to deliver transformation and growth.
  • We do more than just provide raw data. Our modelling and insight enable our partners to benefit, regardless of their in-house data capability.

Benefits for Providers
  • We enable providers across markets to optimise, monitor and maintain their market pricing strategies to achieve their growth goals.
  • We give providers the insight and analysis they need to fully understand their market position, any developing trends, threats and opportunities.
  • We empower advisers to manage and maximise their distribution channels, whilst minimising any emerging risk.
Benefits for Distributors & Networks
  • Understand adviser productivity and identify high achievers and how to adopt successful behaviours.
  • Deliver the increased data Distributors require to deliver their Consumer Duty strategies.