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The Piper Way

We empower our people and provide them with the opportunity to pursue personal growth and career aspirations. We work hard and play hard. We celebrate success.

At iPipeline, we pride ourselves on our culture. We believe in an enthusiastic atmosphere, encourage innovation, depend on creativity, and strive for success. We value our employees and understand that our continued success as a company relies heavily on the success of each individual. Our employees describe iPipeline offices as fun, energetic, “can do,” professional environments.

We are heavily invested in our Employee Wellness Program, which encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle and seeks to inspire our employees to make wellness a priority.

Our goals are to preserve and promote healthy behaviour, reduce the risk factors among at-risk employees and improve the health of those who already have chronic conditions by encouraging them to make lifestyle changes. 

To take on a role here is to understand the part you play in millions of lives. By way of our technology, you are making a significant difference in people’s financial security.

Are We a Match?

Becoming a Piper is becoming a part of our family. We’re proud of the culture we’ve created here- it’s a distinction that is one of our biggest assets. We believe in having a good time, but when it’s time to get down to business, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and jump in. Above all, we want your wellness to be a priority. We want to ensure that when you come into the fold with us, you’re living your best life. It’s the Piper way.


  • Competitive salary

  • Generous time off and flexible work/life balance

  • Company-matched retirement packages

  • Wellbeing contributions

  • Regular Sports & Social events 

  • And we’re always adding more!

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

The iPipeline team’s safety is key and with both the Cheltenham and Bromley office’s working from home since March, we’re now enabling a small group to transition back to working from the office if they are comfortable to do so. With this in mind, we’re implementing the recommended five steps to staying COVID-19 secure within the office.

Five Steps to Safer Working Together

  • We’ve carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here

  • We’ve cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance

  • We’ve taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home

  • We’ve taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace

  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk

Employee Spotlight

  • “I’ve been working at iPipeline for coming up to 5 years, in that time progressing from Senior Developer to Team Lead to Principal Developer.

    “When I first joined we were primarily focused on Microsoft technologies and had only just started using AngularJs but it’s a fluid environment with lots of opportunity for change here. We are now embedding ourselves in a broad range of disciples including Git, Microservices, .NET Core, Angular CLI and NoSql. We love automation and have a real drive to deliver value faster. Our DevOps culture is evolving throughout the business and process changes are continual. Each and every day that I come to work there is a new challenge and there is a constant focus on improvement.

    “One of my favourite days of the year is our ‘Hackathon’ event. We open this up to the whole company with members of staff submiting ideas for enhancements to our products and we build cross-functional teams with everyone from sales to customer support getting stuck in. Each team has their own identity and we use banners and balloons (and of course pizza) as added motivation! Judging is provided by the Executive team in the style of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with prizes handed out along the way”

  • “I have been working at iPipeline for a little over 4 years now and can easily say it is somewhere I enjoy coming to every single day (even Mondays!). The office is always full of fun and excitement, whether this is because of a new project kicking off the ground, or even an organised Sports and Social event (this normally involves food of some sort…mmm pizza!). For me though the biggest part of iPipeline that makes it so special and such an amazing place to work is the people, with many staff members having worked at the company for over 10 years everyone stays so passionate and committed to what it is the company is trying to achieve which really gives it that buzz and excitement of a start-up company in some respects.

    My time at iPipeline has already allowed me to develop my career in a direction I had never even considered or thought possible and I am genuinely excited to see where else this journey will take me and I can confidently say that I know iPipeline and the staff here will be behind me every step of the way.”

  • “iPipeline has a great atmosphere. It’s a place where there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills and try something new. For example, we have ‘Pizza Sessions’ which allow people to expand their own skill base or learn something completely different, from technical knowledge to public speaking. These are held after work, led by one of the team and the company provides the fuel to keep us going (Pizza!).

    Having been at iPipeline for just over three years I have plenty of opportunities to progress. Whether this has been moving into a completely new role or taking the next step up in my current role. These have been key to growing my career and I have been given a clear development path. My manager is incredibly supportive, and there are always opportunities available to me, whether that is getting articles published, public speaking or attending industry events. For me this openness to moving upwards and the level of encouragement you get is an essential part of why I enjoy working here so much and look forward to moving my career forward at iPipeline. Not only are there plenty of opportunities in the workplace but there are also loads of social activities to get involved with such as bridge club, lunchtime games, tennis and football.”

  • “Compared to previous organisations I have worked for, iPipeline is more than just a breath of fresh air, it’s a company I can happily see myself moving forward with for the next decade. From day one the company’s objective for me as a new member was integration, ensuring I got to know each department head, what each department does and how the company works as a whole.

    “A monthly meeting for all staff is held to provide a full company update on client & team progress as well as recognising individual achievements (Completion of Charity Marathons, acquiring Qualification/Certifications etc.). Then, a quarterly update is held is held to recognise these achievements on a global scale (US branches as well as here in the UK).

    “We have an entertaining poster dubbed ‘It’s not just about the Dough’ which well represents the many benefits iPipeline has to offer through the imagery of Pizza (because who doesn’t like pizza?) from free fruit for our wellbeing, to the MD taking turns with the company parking spaces there is such an excellent, welcoming community spirit to the company which, in turn, rolls out to all the teams.”

  • “I joined iPipeline as a Software Developer a year and a half ago and I can safely say there’s never a dull movement here.

    You are encouraged to be ambitious and given the experiences to develop your career at a fast pace. While I’ve been working here, I’ve had the chance to be on multiple teams, working on key projects in every area of our system. Employees are trusted, and so from the very beginning, I’ve been given challenges and responsibilities that have pushed me and improved my skill set. As a developer you’re not restricted just to coding – I’ve always been encouraged to be involved with our customers too, contributing to design meetings and calls and recently travelling to York to meet the Aviva team.

    No day in the office is the same, it’s a fast paced environment where you are regularly facing fresh problems to solve, which is ideal for anyone who wants to progress. Just as importantly new ideas are encouraged, and there’s a regular innovation forum where everyone has the chance to contribute ideas for improvement, regardless of your position in the company. It’s not all about work though, with a steady stream of fun activities put on by our social team, from bowling to laser quest to an outing at Thorpe Park. All in all iPipeline is an ideal place to be if you want to work alongside a lot of great people and continually grow your own abilities.” 

  • “I have been working at iPipeline for almost two years as a Developer. Having started as a graduate, I was able to learn new technologies along the way and perfected my knowledge in various areas. Not only this, but I was also able to further develop my communication skills and improve my teamwork abilities. This is largely due to the fact that at iPipeline, there are multiple teams that work with each other.

    I also like the fact that social activities are encouraged. We have a social team for planning events, green team, which is constantly pushing for recycling (that I am part of) and the innovation forum where ideas are encouraged and implemented. I find it amazing that the company is willing to listen what the employees have to say!

    The people at work are very friendly and the general environment is pleasant. I can see that workplace has changed a lot in these two years and I believe it’s for the better. Eagerly waiting to see what’s next!”

  • “I have been working at iPipeline for almost two years, in that time, I have progressed from an Analyst to a Senior Analyst. I am also a member of the social team, where I have the responsibility of organising fun, exciting social events to suit all members of the iPipeline team.

    Currently I am undertaking an incredible work opportunity over in the United States, working in the Exton PA Headquarters on our new End to End SSG Digital Platform. This will be the first US client delivery of an end to end solution, including Policy Administration System (PAS), for iPipeline. Having first learnt our PAS system in the Bromley office, I am now transferring my skills to help integrate our system with existing iPipeline software such as Illustrations, iGo, Resonant etc.

    Prior to this move, I worked as part of the Localization team within the Bromley office to ready the PAS system for the US market and was involved with demos to clients in the US to help secure the first of many clients using our SSG Digital end to end solution.

    There are many opportunities for growth and success at iPipeline and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next!”

  • “I started at iPipeline 9 months ago, straight out of University, looking for a massive change in career direction and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time here. Whilst my background in bioscience is unusual for the Analyst role that I fill at iPipeline, I have found that I have been able to learn a lot about a new career in IT and do what I love- working with data. I feel that I have so much more to learn and look forward to developing the skills and technical knowledge that will allow me to give back to iPipeline as much as it has given to me. With the support of my team, I have learnt a lot however, I know that there is no limit for me at iPipeline as I’m constantly encouraged to reach higher and achieve more not only by my seniors but also by senior management who take an active interest in the development of each individual.

    I find that my interests and passions are supported at iPipeline, I have been able to action green initiatives that matter to me and the planet in my short time here and I’ve found support in accomplishing those goals with the creation of Bromley’s “Green Team”. I’m looking forward to launching an annual “Green Day” to raise money for environmental charities and truly empower my colleagues in their approach to reducing their impact.

    The team at Bromley are also very friendly and welcoming; I’ve really enjoyed socialising and making friends for life and I feel that this reflects the company attitude where hard work is rewarded and people are open-minded and truly supportive of each other. iPipeline strives to be a forward-thinking company with the interest of employees and clients at heart and in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen the rollout of flexible working times for all employees, more casual approach to work attire, more office-funded social events, staggered working times/work-from-home initiatives for parents and even discounts towards active lifestyles; iPipeline really does keep it’s employees at heart and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work here.”


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