Author: Todd Gaucker

The Value of Data During Difficult Conversations

“I need a new case manager, this just isn’t working out”— how many times as a BGA has this topic, or some iteration of it, come up in your organization? Probably too many times to even think about. The typical course of action is to prepare for a somewhat tenuous dialogue with the case manager in question- dig through case notes, collect statements, make assumptions to piece the puzzle together. It’s possible you’ve thought about adding “P.I.” to your title.

What if there was a way to replace this sleuthing with concrete information to help make an informed decision on your course of action? The key lies within the data of your agency. Certainly, at the end of the day, some tact is still required on your part. But your data can help provide you with a solid foundation to smoothly initiate what otherwise might be viewed as a challenging conversation. That’s where InsureSight comes in.

By taking a look at scorecards—InsureSight’s means of quickly evaluating an individual against the average—you can discover some direction towards your end path, and view these both from a case manager and an agent perspective:

You can check up on how many cases the manager has in comparison to average, what their cycle time looks like, and what their placement ratio is. Similar information is also present for the agent. This insight can shed light on a possible training issue, an opportunity to improve performance, or perhaps the chance to make a better pairing of agent and case manager.

Let’s take a look at another potentially heavy conversation: the carrier meeting. Similar to how you can utilize scorecards in the agent/case manager scenario, InsureSight also provides carrier scorecards.

The data provided here represents not only a fast way to start strategizing together, but also a time savings of epic proportions. Definitely beats hours upon hours of prep work!

Perhaps even more impactful is the Carrier Performance view. This is particularly useful to see how your agency is performing relative to all the other agencies dealing with a specific carrier.

You may discover that despite achieving well above average placement ratios for a significant caseload, your cycle time is lacking. InsureSight has shouldered the burden of starting a chat where you want to convey you’re underappreciated or under-resourced.

Difficult conversations are inevitable, but numbers can provide the power to have the discussion.

Mortgage Support Network Adopts iPipeline’s Protection Quote Solution – SolutionBuilder®


iPipeline® – a leading provider of next-generation solutions and services to the life and pensions market – today announces that Mortgage Support Network has adopted their innovative client-centric, research, quote and apply solution, SolutionBuilder®.

SolutionBuilder is an industry-proven, intelligent protection quote solution that allows advisers to easily compare all protection needs within a simplified and responsive user interface. Delivering a complete service, the solution uniquely supports all views of single and multi-benefit products so that advisers can quickly identify the right solution, based on their client’s needs and budget.

Mortgage Support Network has launched SolutionBuilder to enhance the delivery of quality protection advice.

Shaun Almond, Sales and Marketing Director, Mortgage Support Network, commented “Following a brief test period, our members have remarked how intuitive the solution is, from supporting the advice process, to submitting the business, through to completion and commission settlement. With SolutionBuilder allowing advisers to run bundled quotes and providing a straight through process, I’m looking forward to seeing our protection business increase.”

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline, commented “Mortgage Support Network are improving their broker and client proposition. They have assessed SolutionBuilder and concluded that it can make a significant difference to the advice and sales of protection. It makes the process of assessing all protection needs much faster and easier, underpinning the great advice Mortgage Support Network is known for. With over 12% of iPipeline’s protection transactions now being generated as part of a multi-benefit policy and 25% of income protection activity being sold through multi-benefit, it demonstrates how multi-benefit policies have a place in the market.”