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At iPipeline, we empower our partners to work with us and utilise our services in the way that suits their business and their customers, best.

That’s why we’ve developed a set of web services; essentially web interfaces that allow our partners to integrate our quote and new business services into their website and existing customer journey via XML. In addition our partners can also integrate our lead generation and engagement tools.

Our partners, across different sectors of the protection distribution market use these services, which deliver the following benefits:

Quote and apply for advised and direct-to-consumer sales:

  • High performance, stability and reliability.
    Fast quote response (below ) for speedy customer journeys. Robust performance to minimise any downtime.

  • Self-service
    You maintain control over your UI and customer journey, ensuring brand consistency and delivery.

  • Simple integration
    A single integration point with access to multiple providers.

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PreQuo Lead Generation and Nurture:

  • Increased engagement
    Increase customer engagement in protection for increased leads and better conversion.

  • Fast indicative quoting
    Fast indicative pricing with minimal input, reducing drop-off.

  • Simple, interactive UI
    Optimised for use across desktop and mobile, to ensure capture of client attention.


Data Analysis

  • Real-Time Reporting
    No more waiting for next months data. You can access and react to your date in real-time.

  • Market Analysis
    Identify key trends and understand how you compare to your peers.

  • Ease of use
    All data accessed via a highly visual and interpretable dashboard.

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