Top 10 Reasons to use AlphaTrust

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e-signature software is changing the way we do business for the better. Yet for many the transition from paper signature to electronic is daunting. The paper signature is trustworthy, it’s the mark that companies have relied on to legally bind agreements for years. The paper signature has stood the test of time.

But it’s digital that has streamlined processes, enabled clients to self-serve and automated document workflows. An electronic signature has a lot to offer – it’s easier to sign, easier to file and it won’t get damaged or lost.

e-signature solutions become desirable when you consider the benefits, but before you automate document workflow, what else is there to gain.

  1. Streamline business operations across the globe

    For businesses with a global operation, the e-signature streamlines the signing process. It negates the needs for travel, signature-witnesses, wasted time on postal services and losing track of the workflow once it’s sent.Within a moment, from your desk, you can bundle up your contract, send it overseas and receive a legally binding e-signature by email.

However, not all e-signatures are equal. To benefit from the e-signature and have the assurance that your company is operating compliantly you need to know that your electronic signature solution supports local legal, regulatory, and other compliance requirements.

AlphaTrust is fully compliant with laws and regulations around the world. It also provides compliance with specific industry standards and regulations, including those for insurance, financial services, banking and more.

  1. Provide an optimized user experience with custom workflow design

    No one knows your clients as well as you. And their experience of your company is paramount in client conversion and retention.

Consequently, AlphaTrust recognizes the need for you to influence the e-signature workflow.
You have creative control of the workflow, so the AlphaTrust experience will integrate with your current operations, thus providing an optimal experience for your signee. For example, through the platform, you have the ability to add optional data collection, standard actions (eg. document reviews), custom actions (eg. integrations) and a choice of document delivery.

You can also brand the AlphaTrust platform, so your company is part of every step in the process. Branding the platform retains the trust of the signee.

  1. Automate internal processes

    No matter where your internal teams are, or the contract recipient, AlphaTrust allows you to track documentation from the initial email through to final signature.

You have visibility over your contract and where the recipient is in the process. Unlike traditional methods of sending a contract, there’s no confusion over whether the contract made it to the recipient – or if they’ve opened it.

Automation assists internal teams through email notifications, which you can send to notify particular teams or people at significant milestones, like contract signing. Moreover, with the creative control of the e-signature workflow you can consider adding other tasks to your workflow – like sending other documentation upon signing. Save your employees time with a follow-up call or email by adding this touchpoint to the workflow.

  1. Reduce paperwork and save time (and money)

    Whether you’re working on your contribution to the environment through an improved sustainability policy or simply want to do something for the benefit of the world, e-signatures will help.

e-signatures reduce the need to print hefty documentation. Consequently, there’s also no need to shred, file, copy or scan.

By going paperless, businesses save time and money on paper, office equipment such as paper, shredders and even printers, scanners or copiers. Furthermore, employees do not have to implement a paper filing system, which is slower than working digitally.

  1. AlphaTrust is secure

    AlphaTrust’s e-signature solution is secure and it authenticates recipients through a series or processes such as: email invitation, invitation, single use PIN, username/password.

Technically there’s a knowledge-based authentication (KBA), digital certificate (PKI), single sign-on (SSO) and pass-through Authentication.

  1. AlphaTrust e-signatures are legally valid

    With cryptographic data hashing and encryption used by AlphaTrust, you can guarantee that your electronic signature is legally binding.

Unlike a typed signature, an encrypted e-signature binds the signee to the terms of a document.

The e-signatures include a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature keyset (digital certificate plus private key). The keys are used to identify the signee.

  1. You’re not alone: flawless service and support

    AlphaTrust customers have never experienced a service affecting outage attributed to the current AlphaTrust e-Sign™ solution.

The AlphaTrust team responds to Priority 1 issues in less than one hour. And for lower priority issues there’s technical support via email or telephone.

AlphaTrust understands the scale of internal processes for businesses working toward an automated workflow, and support the global market from enquiry through to integration of the e-signature.

Clients don’t enter the world of e-signatures alone. The dedicated team will train AlphaTrust users on the operations of the system and jointly implement the first electronic signature use case for automation.

  1. AlphaTrust stays on top of industry news and legislation trends

    AlphaTrust is a member of the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA): the industry trade association for digital transactions.

ESRA promotes awareness and provides information to aid understanding and the adoption of electronic signatures. AlphaTrust benefits from ESRA’s reporting on legislative and regulation trends and ESRA’s network of subject matter experts.

AlphaTrust is an active ESRA Board member and previously the Chairman of the Board.

  1. Alpha trust is tried and tested: pioneering e-signature solutions for over twenty years

    If the paper signature feels like a comfort, know that AlphaTrust was pioneering e-signature solutions in 1998.

Although the electronic signature is new to many businesses, digital and automated processes are not. e-signatures are simply the last hurdle to improved processes and automation.

Whilst new, comparably to paper signatures, AlphaTrust has over twenty years of data – millions of critical business transactions have been processed with e-signature solutions. AlphaTrust is relied upon around the globe by customers in banking, insurance, financial services, state and federal government, among other industries and organisations.

  1. Get paid faster

    The collective benefits of e-signature solutions have the potential to make the sales cycle shorter.

With an improved user experience, signees can sign from their desk at the click of a button. If multiple signatures are needed the AlphaTrust platform can speed up the signing process by sending the document to multiple people at once.

With creative control of the documentation and workflow, bank account details can be added, thus integrating other steps or tasks into the signing process. In doing this, you’re keeping the attention of your signee and progressing the process without the need for another step in the workflow.