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Case Study: The Right Mortgage & Protection Network automate their member firm registration process

  • iPipeline

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network (TRM) is a family led financial services network for protection, mortgage, equity release and private healthcare advisers with 500 members in their network. iPipeline are the sole supplier of product research and souring tools for the network including SolutionBuilder, their preferred protection sourcing and research option via CRM system, The Key (Mortgage Brain).

Initially adviser firms applying for registration will benefit from an automated and slicker, more effective process. Adam Stretton, Managing Director and Mark Lee, IT & Systems Manager at TRM share their experience of introducing AlphaTrust® to their registration process and the results achieved.


TRM’s member firm registration process has always been paper based, with the use of wet signatures and paper-based forms. The challenge was to remove manual processes and automate this process to improve efficiency yet maintain their own branding within the online process.


AlphaTrust is iPipeline’s e-signature and document process automation solution, enabling users to replace high volume paper-based processes with a digitised approach. TRM has adopted AlphaTrust to digitise their adviser firm registration process improving efficiency and turnaround times for new applications being processed.

TRM is using the service to automate their non-CRM driven processes – moving from application to the onboarding stage, the total number of documents to be signed/completed can be up to six for each individual joining the network, with the majority of documents needing two or more signatures. AlphaTrust’s flexibility has allowed them to combine all variations into a single workflow and remove data invalidation, multiple document variations and application complexity. A full audit trail is in place highlighting any issues with transactions and is integrated with their CRM system. The result has reduced transaction turnaround times from days into minutes having a significant impact to the process timings.

TRM plan to improve the process further by integrating the new processes into TRM’s results and management dashboards. Reporting capability has been significantly improved with a single view of the effectiveness of their processes and major KPI’s in one place – online and in real time.

How important is automating your adviser firm registration process?

TRM are iPipeline’s first client within the UK to use AlphaTrust to improve their adviser registration processes. The firm believe that paper and wet signatures are obsolete tools for a modern network. They have become the first distribution network to gain market advantage by automating their forms process with the addition of e-signatures within their major business processes.