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A fully configurable data-driven platform which results in immediate and acceptable terms

The traditional underwriting method is a lengthy process and often requires manual intervention. But today’s market and customers demand immediate results. The answer is a data-driven platform which automatically takes an application through the underwriting process without technical or manual constraints.

What is SSG Digital® – Underwriting

The Underwriting element of SSG Digital Platform is a client-facing solution which intelligently automates and configures underwriting decisions.

This regulatory compliant component can be integrated with the overall SSG Digital Platform or deployed as a freestanding solution – linking to any modern back-office administration system.

The Benefits

  • Straight through processing:
    By fulfilling immediate and acceptable terms, without referring to a clerical underwriter – our client’s point of sale acceptance rates are maximised to over 80%.

  • Reduce back office time and cost:
    By utilising the SSG Digital Underwriting Platform you will significantly reduce operational processing time and costs – leaving underwriters to focus on more complex cases.

  • Increase flexibility:
    Gain control through configuration – not customisation, the rules engine implements updates within days and takes system changes off the critical path.

  • Reduce errors:
    With simple underwriting managed digitally, and in real-time – you reduce costly errors associated with traditional manual processes.

  • Offer users a greater choice:
    Enable instant results such as ‘buy now’ using modified terms, or choose to be referred for further underwriting.

  • Brand your business:
    Operate across all distribution channels and keep branding at the forefront with a 100% white-labelled solution.

  • Harness the power of data:
    Maintain a full audit trail and enhance risk management through in-depth business analytics.

  • Provide integration and accessibility:
    Provide a seamless multi-device and omni channel sales approach across all devices and portals.

  • Trust your provider:
    Benefit from the functionality and also the architectural set-up, technical advice and support – working with you and your existing partners as a team.

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