A dynamic underwriting engine

A fully configurable data-driven platform which results in immediate and acceptable terms.

The traditional underwriting method is a lengthy process and often requires manual intervention. But today’s market and customers demand immediate results. The answer is a data-driven platform which automatically takes an application through the underwriting process without technical or manual constraints.

Fully configurable

By fulfilling immediate and acceptable terms, without referring to a clerical underwriter – our client’s point of sale acceptance rates are maximised to over 80%.

Unparalleled customer engagement

Self-service client portals allow customers to modify terms and cover options – to maximise acceptance, improve conversion, increase cross and upselling and lower costs.

Reduce operational spend

By utilising the SSG Digital Platform you will significantly reduce operational and underwriting processing time and costs.

Your customers are investing in digital, customer-centric products which deliver choice, immediate results and an engaging experience. The only way to remain competitive in today’s market is to adopt the technology to meet customer demand.

Pressing pause and hoping for the best is not an option. Only insurers who adopt the technology to move forward will reap the rewards.

To explore the details of the SSG Digital Platform – Underwriting, speak to one of our experts. Each of our talented team has in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and an exhaustive product knowledge.