Your digital growth plan

There are 3 ways for insurers to remain competitive and ensure business growth.

New business is the life blood of your organisation. Consumers demand simplicity and convenience. They choose tailored polices and value for money over loyalty. By satisfising this need and supplying a customer-centric digital platform, you push function towards the end user while maximising acceptance rates and reducing cost.

Become agile and forward-thinking

By adopting new agile technology with a complete end-to-end experience, our clients have doubled new business without doubling headcount.

Build a digital eco system

With a dynamic, data driven underwriting engine which drives acceptance rates and conversions, our clients STP rates exceed 80%.

Partner with an expert

With a 100% success track record with implementations and migration, it’s unsurprising that Zurich, Aviva, The Exeter and Foresters Financial are already using the SSG Digital Platform to convert sales, automate manual processes and launch new products.


Your aging technology will eventually eradicate you from the market. Those who are resistant to change and unresponsive to the digital revolution within our industry, will see their market share disappear rapidly.

The answer is to decommission your mature technology and manual processes and replace with a single digital platform.

To explore your digital growth plan and discover more about the SSG Digital Platform – New Business, speak to one of our experts. Each of our talented team has in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and an exhaustive product knowledge.