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Drive your business conversion rates higher and lower your operating costs

Legacy policy administration systems not only prevent the ability to react quickly, but they obstruct your overall business growth. Only by digitising business processes and simplifying administration can you remain flexible, agile and competitive in today’s market.

What is SSG Digital® – Servicing PAS+?

The Servicing element of SSG Digital Platform automates business processes, dramatically reduces costs and engages your customers by allowing user control of administrative functions.

This regulatory compliant component can be integrated with the overall SSG Digital Platform or deployed as a freestanding solution – linking to any modern back-office administration system.

The Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency:
    Achieve 40% productivity improvement in administration operations.

  • A seamless customer journey:
    A customer-centric platform with self-serve capabilities allows you to service your existing customers 60% faster with quicker response times.

  • Increase conversion:
    Easily communicate with customers to accelerate the delivery of new value propositions and increase up and cross sell opportunities.

  • Deliver a robust end-to-end solution:
    PAS+ features fully configurable and automated agency servicing, claims, reinsurance, commissions and policy servicing – all integrated in one solution.

  • Greater reinsurance management:
    Automate the calculation of reinsurance premiums and associated payments and reclaims, supported by a comprehensive suite of management information.

  • Increase configurability:
    Address the many regulatory and customer demand changes, and manage complex agency hierarchies and distribution remuneration systems.

  • Brand your business:
    Operate across all distribution channels and keep branding at the forefront with a 100% white-labelled solution.

  • Harness the power of data:
    Maintain a full audit trail and enhance risk management through in-depth business analytics.

  • Provide integration and accessibility:
    Provide a seamless multi-device and omni channel sales approach across all devices and portals.

  • Trust your provider:
    Benefit from the functionality and also the architectural set-up, technical advice and support – working with you and your existing partners as a team.

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