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Putting your Client’s Needs at the Forefront

As the number of added-value services has grown, so has their importance in terms of encouraging consumers to get protected. Advisers can find it challenging to compare the growing number of features for each product. According to research by Coach House Communications, these services are the second most important purchasing priority for existing protection policyholders after price. For the 18-34 age group it was the highest priority.

We’ve made it easier for you to offer the best protection policy, that meets your client’s needs with the Product Features Report in partnership with ProtectionGuru and our integration with CIExpert, that allows you to find the best Critical Illness cover for your clients.

Compare products based on quality as well as price

Deliver better protection conversations

Secure improved financial futures for your clients

We’ve extended the capabilities of our research, quote and apply solution, SolutionBuilder, and created a unique service that allows advisers to compare products based on quality as well as price. 

The Product Features Report streamlines the process of comparing product features, bringing it into one solution and one simple journey. It allows advisers and their clients to view differences quickly and easily.

We’ve extended the capabilities of SolutionBuilder further by integrating with CIExpert to support advisers comparing critical illness plans. CIExpert provides an online service that helps advisers assess the most appropriate critical illness policy for their clients.

This integration means that advisers can now launch CIExpert from within SolutionBuilder, speeding up the process and improving the overall user journey.