PreQuo Lead Gen

How To Drive
Traffic to Your Website

Here are some simple steps
you can take to increase traffic to your website
and in turn, increase your conversions.

PreQuo Lead Gen can be a powerful tool if implemented correctly, however, it’s not a magic bullet. Simply adding a link somewhere the website is not going to generate 100’s of quotes instantly.

The good news is with a bit of effort and some simple and easy tips, you could really increase traffic to your site and begin generating quotes!

We’ve created this page of digital marketing tactics for you to help you increase your web traffic, split into free and paid methods.

Free Methods

These free methods seem simple but can really make a difference to your web traffic. 

  • Web Placement

    We’ve seen a lot of websites where the location of the tool is either difficult to find, or not existent at all. Be sure to have the placement of the PreQuo tool in an easy-to-find area/s across your website.

  • Update GDPR screen

    If you do not want to display the GDPR screen, you can either turn it off or use it as a webpage to display additional information. E.G. explaining the importance of life insurance.

  • Website Analytics

    Do you currently use a web analytics tool behind your site like Google Analytics? It is important to learn about your audience: where they come from, drop off, most visited pages and more. Once you know this information, leverage it and position the PreQuo tool on most visited pages.

  • Social Media

    How active are you social media? Share a link to your PreQuo Lead Gen tool across social media channels frequently and encourage your teams to share too!

  • Content

    In this digital age, content is king! Content can include blogs, how-to guides, FAQ’s, webinars and even video on your industry topics. Learn how to leverage content into leads.

    Speak to your Marketing teams about SEO and how to quickly begin ranking for key terms. With a little bit of effort, you can significantly boost your web traffic for free. And at the same time, you’ll have a vast amount of social media friendly content at your disposal!

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is still a powerful channel to increase your web traffic. Use your existing database and promote the PreQuo Lead Gen tool to your customers through email.

    Does your current site include a sign-up form? Position them across your site to get more sign ups for email promotions and build your database.

Paid Methods

Paid methods require some marketing budget and time but is a faster method of generating a spike in web traffic. Using these paid methods in combination with the free tactics above will be the key to success!

  • Online Advertising

    The easiest and most effective channel for spiking traffic is paid advertising. There are a number of channels you can leverage such as Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook and Display Advertising on industry specific websites to name the best.

    With some thought and targeted strategy, you can create a good spike in traffic with not too high of a cost. Social Media channels are more cost effective than Google for example, but your marketing team can advise which would be best for you.

    Use your PreQuo Lead Gen tool on your landing pages quickly see results.

  • Paid Media

    Display advertising, as mentioned above, can be a great channel to use. Research websites where your target audience like to visit and create display banner ads on those sites.

    Not only do you have to use display ads, but the majority of industry sites use articles and topic expertise. Create a sponsored article and link back to your landing page.

  • Email Sponsorship

    Like paid media, you may know of industry leaders with a bigger database than your own. Leverage their data and use paid email sponsorship with content written by you. These emails can be used in a campaign sent to thousands; with a good looking email, subject line and landing page, you can expect a big spike in your web page traffic!

  • PR

    Use a PR agency or freelancer to create a PR piece which can be picked up by media outlets. These outlets tend to have large volumes of daily traffic so a good story can boost your traffic.

Follow these steps and you should increase your web traffic significantly. To learn more on how digital marketing can increase your web traffic, we’ll be holding a webinar which you can sign up for free.

Keep an eye out on your emails and this page and we’ll be sure to let you know when registration will open!