Mortgage & Protection Risk Report

At iPipeline, we’re committed to growing the protection market and it’s because of this commitment that we’ve launched this new report within SolutionBuilder®

Advisers can generate a personalised Mortgage & Protection Risk Report to use with clients, highlighting the risks of not being protected, cutting out the jargon and talking about the affordability of protection in real terms.

What is the Mortgage & Protection Risk Report?

Available within SolutionBuilder, this personalised risk report uses client and mortgage data to generate indicative costs for Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover and Life Insurance to use with clients to get them thinking about protection.

The report provides cover options with indicative costs next to each option. This is not just a generic ‘cover from £10/month’ figure but takes into account the client’s age, smoker status, employment and mortgage details. It’s designed for advisers to use with clients and is a quick way to support their thinking about what kind of cover they should have in place, and how real the likelihood is of them being unable to pay their mortgage. The report can be used at any point in the mortgage or protection sales process.

How to access the report

The Mortgage & Protection Risk Report is available to launch from the benefits selection screen within SolutionBuilder. If you don’t have access to SolutionBuilder, you can sign up to a demo to see what the solution can do for you.

To access the risk report click ‘new quote’ or ‘requote’ so you land on the Benefit Summary page in SolutionBuilder.

You’ll see the ‘Risk & Mortgage protection report’ on the right hand side.  Click on ‘Go to Report’; SolutionBuilder will pre-populate this page with the client details if you’ve already done a quote, you’ll just need to add in some additional mortgage information then click on ‘Get Report’.

SolutionBuilder will then generate a personalised risk report to highlight to your clients the importance of protection.

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