iPipeline launches new self-serve tool for advisers to view indicative underwriting outcomes

  • iPipeline

15 December 2020, Cheltenham

iPipeline® – a leading provider of low code digital solutions and services – today launches a new online self-serve tool that will allow advisers to receive an indicative underwriting decision for their clients before completing an application.

The new underwriting tool, which is available within the underwriting component of SSG Digital®, iPipeline’s self-service, end-to-end platform, will help increase the efficiency and speed of the underwriting process by minimising the need for phone calls between adviser and provider underwriting departments.

Unlike other disclosure tools that provide generic likely outcomes, iPipeline’s new service will link to a provider’s latest underwriting philosophy and will deliver exactly the same underwriting outcome as if the disclosure was part of a traditional application. It also means the adviser only has to answer the disclosure questions which are pertinent to their client’s circumstances.  

The launch of the new self-serve tool follows the recent launch of iPipeline’s updated underwriting philosophy, which incorporates changes around mental health and COVID-19 and makes it easier for protection providers to more easily tailor a philosophy at the start of the underwriting process.

Ian Teague, UK Group Managing Director at iPipeline, said: “Our aim is to make the underwriting journey for advisers as simple, smooth and effective as possible, to ultimately ensure they can increase the turnaround of referred cases and get the best cover to meet their clients’ needs. Our new underwriting tool is available within the SSG Digital Platform, and it is designed to speed up and increase the efficiency of the underwriting process. Until now, advisers needed to contact a provider’s underwriting department to get answers over the phone, which is time and resource-heavy. Our new tool shows how we are continually listening to advisers and providers to improve our offering and give them what they want and need.”  

For more information on underwriting within SSG Digital platform, insurers can visit https://uk.ipipeline.com/ssg-digital-platform/.