iPipeline launches new protection solution that lets advisers view non-medical underwriting limits at quote stage

  • iPipeline

8 July 2020, Cheltenham, UK  

iPipeline® – a leading provider of digital solutions and services – today launched a new integrated solution that will allow advisers to view each protection provider’s non-medical underwriting limits at quote stage. 

The new service, which is available within SolutionBuilder – iPipeline’s award-winning protection sourcing solution – will let advisers determine at quoting stage if a client’s protection application needs to be sent automatically for medical evidence. Advisers can easily view detailed information on the provider’s non-medical underwriting limits and compare it with other providers. 

The non-medical underwriting functionality provides advisers with a streamlined and efficient feature that helps whilst researching, quoting and applying. It enables them to set their clients’ expectations quickly, speeds up the application process and offers a more personalised service to meet their clients’ needs.  

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director from iPipeline said: “The Covid-19 crisis has seen advisers getting inundated with calls from customers concerned about whether they can get protection cover. We identified the market need and in just four weeks developed new functionality that allows advisers to look at every provider’s non-medical underwriting limits and compare it with other providers quickly and easily. This not only saves valuable time for the adviser and takes away the labour-intensive aspects of ploughing through other sources of data or making calls, but also improves client outcomes by setting expectations upfront, provides better and more personalised service to clients and helps advisers direct them to more specialised support if necessary.” 

Mortgage Advice Bureau, said: “iPipeline first discussed this idea with me four weeks ago and I’m amazed it’s now a delivered solution that’s perfect for what we need. This new solution will bring a host of benefits for our advisers and, more importantly, for our clients who will better understand the underwriting journey and receive the best cover for their particular needs.”