iPipeline launches new partnership with CIExpert

  • iPipeline

14 October 2020, Cheltenham, UK

iPipeline® – a leading provider of digital solutions and services – today announces a new partnership with CIExpert that will support advisers comparing critical illness plans through SolutionBuilder, its protection sourcing tool.

CIExpert provides an online service that helps advisers assess the most appropriate critical illness policy for their clients. iPipeline’s integration with the service will let advisers access CIExpert from a link within SolutionBuilder, allowing them to make quicker decisions and create personalised reports that support their recommendations for clients.

Advisers can launch CIExpert from within SolutionBuilder’s quote engine, speeding up the process and improving the overall user journey. If an adviser has CIExpert credentials, the data will be passed through from their SolutionBuilder quote so they don’t need to re-key the information in CIExpert. Those who don’t have CIExpert credentials will be offered a free trial, so they have an opportunity to try the service.

The new partnership builds on iPipeline’s mission to help the protection industry compare products based on quality as well as price. It follows the launch earlier this year of a new ‘Product Features Report’ service that allows advisers to better understand and compare the quality of product features.

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director at iPipeline, said: “We want to provide advisers with a range of tools and services that help them recommend protection products based on quality as well as price. Critical illness is a complex product and plans vary hugely between providers. We believe that by adding integrated product research capabilities we can encourage more advisers to sell protection and help them explain product variances to clients properly. Our new partnership with CIExpert will improve adviser access to the site, speeding up the process for existing users and highlighting the benefits of the service to those who have never used it. Our aim is to make the protection journey as simple as possible for advisers and support them in achieving the best outcome for their clients.”

Alan Lakey Director at CIExpert commented: “We recognise that one of the most difficult tasks for advisers is to convey the differences between different CIC policies to their clients and to illustrate that in many cases significantly improved cover can be provided at a relatively small incremental cost. Experience within our user base is that once clients understand the tradeoffs a large percentage will opt to pay a bit more for wider and more comprehensive cover.

This integration with SolutionBuilder is a powerful step forward in simplifying the process for advisers, saving valuable time and making it easier to illustrate the cost versus quality options available and create personalised analyses for the demographics of each client.”