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Thought Leadership

What is the Advanced Electronic Signature?

The Advanced Electronic Signature, also known as the Advanced Digital Signature, is one of the most secure types of electronic signature. They use encryption to verify the identity of the signer and ensure that the document has not been tampered with….

Top 10 benefits of using an e-Signature – over traditional wet signing

Here are the top 10 benefits of choosing to use e-Signatures, over traditional wet signing practices. For long-standing and established companies, it can be daunting to entertain the idea of implementing new digital practices, as digital transformation seems like a big…

How to speed up claims processes by 50%

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword which means entirely different things to many different businesses, but its importance for business cannot be underestimated. In layman terms, “digital transformation means using technology to create differentiating ways of doing business to…

Our Support Desk Has Got It Covered

By Kate Weller, Customer Support Team Leader, iPipeline UK Here at the iPipeline Support desk we’ve been working hard to ensure it’s business as usual despite the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown. I want to share some examples of what we…

Encouraging Financial Resilience

Alisa Wallington, Senior Product Manager, Ipipeline Uk Decision making has never really been my strong point, but thanks to COVID-19 my life has become a frenzy of one guilt-ridden decision after the other. Days are nonstop chaos, but when the laptop…

Showing Your Working Out

By Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline UK. When I started my career in the pensions industry many years ago (after a short period managing post-punk bands which left me with a hefty overdraft), I had the pleasure to work for…

Protection Review Summit Summary – December 2019

Tackling ‘Price’. One of the 4 Ps of Protection

Protection Review Summit Summary – September 2019

Tackling ‘Product’. One of the 4Ps of Protection

Protection Review Summit Summary – May 2019

Tackling ‘The Perils’. One of the 4Ps of Protection

The Value of Data During Difficult Conversations

Todd Gaucker
What if there was a way to replace this sleuthing with concrete information to help make an informed decision on your course of action? The key lies within the data of your agency.