How to speed up claims processes by 50%

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Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword which means entirely different things to many different businesses, but its importance for business cannot be underestimated. In layman terms, “digital transformation means using technology to create differentiating ways of doing business to drive growth in new and existing markets”.

And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this case; how did one of our forward-thinking clients significantly increase their claims processes by 50%?

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Are you still using manual or paper-based processes?

So many businesses are still using traditional manual paper-based processes in their business operations, while consumers are using more technology in their everyday lives. If your processes sound similar to the one below, adopting e-signature and digital automation could propel your business forward.

The Exeter, one of UK’s leading healthcare and protection insurers, understands that the most important process for their members is submitting a claim. Operating a manual, paper-based process which was slow and complex however would not sit well with their tech-savvy customers who were becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology.

Wanting to transform their business, The Exeter were on the market for a solution which could help them digitise their processes, providing their customers with a much better experience, all whilst retaining their brand in front of their members.

Introducing AlphaTrust.

AlphaTrust e-Sign is a fully-brandable, compliant eSignature and document-process automation solution that securely digitises the creation of legally enforceable business records. AlphaTrust e-Sign is an enterprise e-Signature solution that enables automation, ranging from simple send-a-document-for-signature to your most complex workflows.

The Results

The Exeter have really benefited from using AlphaTrust and can already see the difference it has made. They have significantly reduced the vast amounts of paper used, the number of errors and the return rates. The biggest change however is how they’ve managed to speed up their claims process by 50%. “The time it takes to process a claim has been significantly improved with 50% of claims being digitally completed within 48 hours of the member receiving them.”

Not only has AlphaTrust helped with the speed of the claims process, it has also helped them see a 24% reduction in the time taken to process a claim from start to finish; a figure which is expected to decrease even further as the new digital process gets underway.

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