Technology waits for no market, no company or no one to catch up. To ensure you remain one step ahead of the competition, technology must be a central cog within your business strategy.

Insurance and financial services are no exception. Whilst these markets have perhaps benefitted less from the tech revolution than many, it would be naïve to think this trend will remain. The insurers and providers who thrive over coming years will be those who embrace the change and utilise technology to drive better outcomes and experiences for their customers and indeed their business.

However, in a constantly changing landscape and can be difficult for even the biggest tech enthusiasts to keep up; to pay attention and interpret the trends both within and beyond the market.

That’s where we come in. You’re in the right place to access a wealth of content to help you ponder, post the important questions and progress your technology strategy.

What you will find:

Future focused trends and analysis

We scan the horizon, ingesting a huge amount of content and analysis, from a wide range of markets. We then use our experience to interpret the takeaways for you.

Expert Insight

Within our team, we have unrivalled experience within insurance technology. We use this experience to deliver the insights that matter – helping you plan for today and tomorrow.

Building a Tech Community

We’re dedicated to building a community of tech experts in our sector, giving you the voice and platform, you deserve. Watch out for more to come.

Your latest tech insights:

The Technology Behind 1 in 3 UK Protection Sales

Efficient, Flexible and Innovative. That’s what SSG Digital enables the 5 leading UK protection insurers to be. The protection market is evolving rapidly and there’s no room for outdated tech platforms.


Shifting Sands: 7 trends driving the protection market

Analysis of the market, technology and consumer trends impacting the protection market, now and into the future.

The Rewards for Digital Transformation

Leading consultancy BCG recently highlighted that just 35% of companies are achieving their digital goals and identified a 6-point plan to success. Here’s our response to that plan, with specific takeaways and insight for the UK life and pensions markets.

ProtectX5 – Whitepaper

Replay the key themes and talking points of last year’s ProtectX5 Insurtech special, featuring speakers from across the protection industry.

Top 3 Tech Trends in 2022

As COVID continues to impact the globe and the global economy, minds begin to shift to the future and the changes the virus will accelerate. Here are the big three tech trends we see coming over the horizon this year.

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