Digital Process Diary

A step-by-step guide to digital process utopia

If, like most businesses you are yet to utilise efficient digital processes to their full potential, it can be difficult to know just where to start. 

Across most businesses, countless hours are wasted processing manual, often paper based tasks which are inefficient, wasteful and frustrating for all involved. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Digital process and e-signature platforms can help automate your business into a new future. 

Our Digital Process Diary is here to help. We will highlight areas where manual processes are common, and just how quickly and efficiently they could be replaced by using a digital process platform. 

Read on for more. 

Our Customers include:

Life Update Process

This week’s focus area: HR Processes

Almost all businesses need people to exist and thrive. However, people, both new and old, can create processes and paper – both of which add time and cost. 

HR or personnel processes can offer a great landing point for organisations targeting process efficiency through digitisation. 

Watch the short video below for examples of how you can target HR processes and drive business efficiency. 

Example Form

HR Processes

Replace cumbersome paper processes for new joiners, leavers, change of details and more. 

AlphaTrust can help power your HR team to new levels of efficiency. 

Example Form

Finance processes

All businesses need to approve and sign off invoices, but the process can be time consuming and involve too much chasing. 

By simply deploying AlphaTrust, you can save time, money and create a strong audit trail for improved tracking and governance. 

Example Form

Technology requests

In an age of hybrid and home working, requests for new and replacement technology from your team can drain resource from your IT department. 

By digitising requests and any sign off required, you free your team from unnecessary admin and save time along the way. 


From simple send-a-document for signature to your most complex workflows, AlphaTrust provides a range of options to digitise processes.

Our solution slots seamlessly into your existing processes; you choose whether to integrate via API or simply access via a personalised digital dashboard.

Together, we will explore both options and agree the best approach for your business and technical infrastructure.

Cloud Based

You decide if AlphaTrust is hosted by you or in the cloud, the choice is yours.

On Premise

Allows flexibility and control over data.


Allows seamless integration.

Advanced Webform Builder

Validation logic, reflective questioning, completely customisable to avoid invalid/incomplete forms being returned.

E-IDAS Compliant

Complies with E-IDAS regulations for compliance and legality.

2 Factor Authentication

Allows users to have 2 FA for security.

Full Access to All Features

No matter how many transactions or users required, we provide full access to all features on any pricing model.

20 years + FS experts

We can relate to business challenges and understand process and compliance to fully adopt and utilise AlphaTrust features.


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What Do our Customers Say?

Ascot Lloyd on AlphaTrust:

  • Chris Pollard
    Chief Operating Officer, The Exeter

    “50% of our claims are now completed within 48 hours of being received. We have seen a 24% reduction in the start to finish processing time for our claims.”

  • Nigel Stockton
    Chief Executive Officer, Ascot Lloyd

    “iPipeline has built us a solution that delivers on every level, reducing time spent on documentation, saving money and exceeding all client expectations. They have made the impossible, possible.”

  • Matthew Cantle
    Managing Director, The Cotswold Group

    “Not only will this solution benefit us through speeding up processes overall, the ability to complete witness statements digitally, means our investigators do not need to seek signatures via face-to-face interaction. Initial response from clients and end-users has been tremendous.”

    Compare AlphaTrust


    • Cloud Based
    • API
    • Branded
    • Advanced webform builder
    • e-idas compliant
    • 2 FA

    Adobe Sign

    • Cloud Based
    • On Premise
    • API
    • Branded
    • e-idas compliant
    • 2 FA


    • Cloud Based
    • API
    • Branded
    • White labelled (Enterprise Only)
    • e-idas compliant
    • 2 FA


    Let AlphaTrust Help You

    Eliminate the need to rely on paper processes and switch to a more customer focused model.  Digitisation gives you
    a range of benefits such as:

    Let AlphaTrust Help You

    100% White Labelled

    AlphaTrust is fully customisable. You keep your branding throughout the entire process.

    Customer Friendly

    Optimised for desktop, smartphones and tablets. Your customers can sign and fill any document on the go.


    Whether it’s a simple signature to a complex workflow, it can be applied to any paper-based process.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Help save the planet whilst cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

    Better Customer Journey

    Reduce friction and create a better customer experience.


    Flexible, secure, customisable and compliant solution.

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