Ascot Lloyd adopts iPipeline’s AlphaTrust e-Sign software

  • iPipeline

15 July 2021, Cheltenham, UK

Ascot Lloyd, one of the UK’s largest independently owned IFA firms, has partnered with iPipeline® to utilise its AlphaTrust® e-sign and process automation software, designed to increase efficiency in the work-from-home environment.

In the absence of face-to-face meetings due to the mobility restrictions of the ongoing pandemic, the need to digitise complex processes whereby advisers and clients are required to review and sign documentation has been especially acute. Hence, Ascot Lloyd has implemented iPipeline’s AlphaTrust software to help its advisers create a better and more streamlined client journey amid the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ascot Lloyd originally began using AlphaTrust as a targeted one-month pilot in October 2020. Due to the success of the pilot in terms of both cost and time savings, Ascot Lloyd has decided to formally adopt AlphaTrust and roll it out company wide. Based on the pilot experience, it is anticipated that advisers will be able to arrange new policies for clients around one to two weeks quicker than when using the previous paper-based process.

AlphaTrust is a fully-brandable, compliant e-signature and document-process automation solution that securely digitises the creation of legally enforceable business records. From simple send-a-document for signature to a company’s most complex workflows, the technology provides a range of options to digitise processes. Third party risks are also avoided because there is no exposure of client data in documents typically routed to other e-signature vendors.

Rachel Lines, Operations Director at Ascot Lloyd, said: “At Ascot Lloyd we recognise the importance of always providing timely and effective advice to our clients. In implementing AlphaTrust, we have ensured our advisers are fully equipped to deliver their best-in-class advice to clients through the remote-working environment. Whilst the pandemic has added layers of complexity to previously straightforward processes, it has also acted as an accelerator to our digitaliastion efforts and we remain focused on identifying new ways to ensure we use the time of our advisers and clients efficiently.”

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director at iPipeline, added: “By adopting AlphaTrust, Ascot Lloyd has taken a lead with its commitment to streamlining processes and embarking on a programme of digital transformation. AlphaTrust will not only improve processes for advisers, it will also benefit the end customer as well – both in a COVID-impacted remote-selling world and beyond. It helps Ascot Lloyd free up more time for advice – which is a sorely needed scarce resource.”