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An enterprise e-signature and document process solution that enables automation, ranging from simple send-a-document for signature to your most complex workflows.

Retain Your Brand

iPipeline’s white label e-Signature solution gives you full customisation of your document delivery and e-Signature experience to continue promoting your brand through the entire sales process. AlphaTrust e-Sign allows you to easily modify the UX to perfectly match your application. Customise a signature block to use just the signature itself or add a variety of transaction details and customised branding – the entire user experience is in your hands!

Be More Green

Going paperless opens up so many doors for you, and you’re saving the planet at the same time! Reap in the benefits such as:

  • Save time: no more waiting for contracts in the post.
  • Increase sales: digitising means everything is optimised for online; our solution is accessible on smartphones and tablets too.
  • Attach files: send important files which are easily accessible.
  • Reduce costs significantly: no more post, and we use a cost effective pricing model.


AlphaTrust e-Sign is fully compliant with European, North American and various Asia Pacific laws and regulations, making it the vendor of choice for businesses. This e-Signature solution provides compliance with specific industry standards and regulations, including those for insurance, financial services, banking and more.

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