Create a better & more
streamlined client journey

From simple send-a-document for signature to your most complex workflows, AlphaTrust provides a range of options to digitise processes.

Eliminate the need to sign documents on paper and provide a far better experience to your customers. Our powerful solution helps with simple e-signatures to your most complex workflows. Digitise your paper based process with our fully brandable, secure and environmentally friendly solution.

Powerful E-Signature and Automation Software

As a financial services technology company, we understand your needs. Let us partner with you and digitally transform your business.

Case Study

Ascot Lloyd, one of the UK’s largest independently owned IFA firms, has partnered with iPipeline® to utilise its AlphaTrust® e-sign and process automation software, designed to increase efficiency in the work-from-home environment.

Alan Martin, Head of Commercial Strategy, Ascot Lloyd.

Integrated within IO

AlphaTrust integrates with Intelligent Office providing a smooth, seamless journey for your customers.

100% White Labelled

Customise all elements with your brand. Ensure a smooth customer journey with no confusion – your customers will know they are dealing with you.

Hosting flexibility

You decide if AlphaTrust is hosted by you or in the cloud, the choice is yours.

UI & Responsive

Modern customer experience and fully optimised across all devices.

Pre-populate Data

Pre-populates client information including email, contact number, name and address. AlphaTrust also allows multiple signatories.

Powerful web form builder

Create perfect data capture forms in seconds.

Compliant & Secure

Allows a full audit trail and meets the e-idas regulations making it compliant across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

API / Integration

Simple integration. Fully documented with modern API.

Why AlphaTrust?

AlphaTrust® is a fully-brandable, compliant eSignature and document-process automation solution.


Reduce admin burden, lower costs and processing resources. No more priniting, scanning, waiting or making errors.

Return on Investment

Typically takes 3-6 months to pay for implementation with our transactional pricing method.

Customer Engagement

Create a much faster, smoother and safer journey for your customers.

Digitise Any Process

Are manual, paper-based processes slowing your business down?
Digital transformation can help you be more efficient and give your
customers a much better experience. We’re working with firms
like yourselves to digitise current manual paper-based
processes such as TOBA’s, LOA’s, Transfer
of Services, Annual Review statements
and more.


Our understanding of compliance requirements and process allows us
to help steer customers to utilise AlphaTrust and start seeing the
benefits of digital instantly. We are already supporting many
businesses with their digital transformation within financial
services, supporting the advice process and offering the
best customer journey for their clients.